Monday, January 25, 2016

Santorini Day 3 - Catamaran Sunset cruise

We booked to go on a sunset cruise the day before with Sunset Oia Sailing at Ammoudi bay. It was our honeymoon splurge since it costs about 70 euros each at that time. I had a look at the website and it's apparently 95 euros now. Either we've got a discount then or the price has gone up hugely!
Had ourselves a bit of lunch at Taverna Katina in Ammoudi bay before the 5 hour cruise which starts at about 2:30 pm.
I must say that Greek salad is now one of my favourite salad! The calamari was lightly battered, fried and seasoned to perfection! 
Grilled fish drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice emulsion. Something so simple yet so good is mind boggling!
This baklava, which is complementary by the way, is THE BEST baklava we've ever had. Ever.
Maybe we've not been exposed to that many baklavas but a good one IS a good one!
Right on time, our vessel awaits! Gosh I was so excited!
Our cruise starts off from Ammoudi bay in Oia, stopping at Nea Kameni's hot spring, followed by Red and White beach at Akrotiri and then back to Oia in time for sunset.
First stop: Nea Kameni hot spring. We did not have a waterproof camera back then so this was the only photo we took there. We jumped off  the catamaran and swam towards the beach where the water was warm and orange due to the high iron/sulphur content. We slathered orange mud all over our shoulders and faces for its therapeutic functions and ended up looking hilarious! One of those times I wishes I had a waterproof cam! It was probably my favourite stop of the cruise. The crew gave us a good hosedown before letting us back onto the boat to avoid getting sulphur stains all over their lovely vessel.
Next stop: Red beach. Unfortunately due to some reason, which I had somehow forgotten, we were not able to stop closer to get to the beach. We still had a lot of fun jumping off the boat and swimming in the deep blue waters from where this photo was taken.
Next was the White beach. Again, it wasn't a beachy stop but more jumping off boat and swimming.
Our lunch being prepared while we swam to our hearts' content! No complains there.

Lunch is served! I could do this right now. Hmm...
Preparing the sails for our journey back to Oia for sunset.

Party boat! There are cheaper alternatives for island tours/cruises. If we had a few more days there, we would probably go on one of those that don't serve food for less than 20 euros.

 Making our way back to the Ammoudi bay.

We can see our villa from the boat!
Another day well spent on the island of the gods! :)

Ate: Taverna Katina, Ammoudi
Sailed: Sunset Oia Sailing Itinerary

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