Monday, January 25, 2016

Santorini Day 5 - Oia / Fira / Firostefani

It was our last day in Santorini but it feels like there's still so much to do that we could have easily spent another week or so exploring the island. Our last day was spent pretty much just chilling and wandering places for one last time, until our next visit someday, of course.
Prewedding photography: We've seen quite a few of these during our stay. How they kept cool or not drenched in sweat while in their finest threads under the scorching sun, I would never know. My spaghetti straps are soaked within 10 minutes of walking around in that heat.

We read about this restaurant named Aktaion in Firostefani being the oldest restaurant in Santorini and were looking forward to try it, but it was closed the first time we went there. So we went back again on our last day hoping to catch its opening hours.

We were the 2nd last guests that afternoon, and were very glad we made it! We had The dish of the trip during that lunch - Octopus in Ouzo. We mopped up every single drop of that orange coloured sauce. It was SO good! The moussaka next to it was pretty awesome too!
After our late lunch, we manage to fit in one last gyros from Obelix before making our way back to Oia to join the crowd for a bit of sunset cheer on our last evening there.

Santorini is definitely all that we've heard about and probably more! Someone commented on Tripadvisor that it is a must see if this is your first time to Greece. We couldn't agree more!
See you again Santorini! 

Ate: Aktaion

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