Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Backwaters of Kerala - Houseboat in Alleppey

Was it worth doing or is it just a big touristy thing?
Yes and yes, especially if you just want to just unplug and do nothing but chill. Eventhough it is obviously a touristy thing, we didn't feel like it was over crowded, there were parts of the boat ride where it felt like we had the place to ourselves and we were there in January which was supposed to be the some of the best time to visit.

How many nights would be enough to experience it properly?
One night was enough for us since there's really not a huge amount to see and we were not planning to go for other activities like Ayurvedic massages etc. offered in nearby villages, but maybe a couple of nights for people who just want to relax, not do very much and enjoy being in that idyllic surroundings.

There are so many houseboat operators online, how did we pick ours? Luckily for us, our houseboat excursion was arranged by Saj, who runs Saj Homestay where we stayed in Fort Kochi. We opted for a simple, not fully covered/air conditioned, one bedroom houseboat because we want to be able to feel the breeze as we cruise. There's A/C in the room though, which is important otherwise it'll be too warm for a good night's sleep. It costs Rs 9000 per night on the houseboat (lunch and dinner included) and Rs 1400 for the cab ride from Saj's to Allepey.
Our 70 year old cab driver. Honking is a way of life in India, or at least in Kerala and this uncle has truly embraced it, honking every few seconds throughout our hour and a half journey!
Free from the honks at last.
Our little houseboat, how lovely!
A tour of our casa for the night - here we have the kitchen.

Our messy bedroom - I forgot to take a photo when it was nice and tidy.

A proper bathroom with shower and toilet!
Getting out from our parking towards the lake/lagoon.
Parked for lunch.
A very good meal of rice, sambar, vege curry and fried fish! Keralan rice is awesome!
Our captain, a man of few words. He'll just turn to us occasionally and stare/smile. Can be a little bit awkward, but we soon learn to ignore him. Haha kidding. We just continue smiling back awkwardly.
We stopped at a village to get some seafood for dinner. I don't remember whether you can get beers here, but best bring them with you before starting your boat ride.
Going back to the canals to park for the night.
We hired a canoe to go around the smaller canals while waiting for dinner.
Chicken curry, masala prawns, sambar and vege curry. One of the best meals during this trip!
Early morning view for our room.
Hubby's video:


  1. the houseboat looks like a cool way to chill out, relax, and enjoy your time there. i don't mind doing the touristy stuff, since it's usually enjoyable as long as you can do it at your own pace and not be stuck to a fixed schedule or hurried around from place to place ;)

    1. It is actually, makes you switch off and just enjoy your surroundings. And you're right, there's always a reason why some things or places are popular, because they Are great!

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