Monday, October 24, 2016

It's been a while...

8 months to be exact, since I lost the will to update this little diary due to major changes on the work front. 8 months since I suddenly lose half of my work mates, and soon to be 4 months since it was my turn to leave the work place. It has been quite an emotional roller coaster ride these few past months, but thankfully there were more highs than lows. We've had some great holidays, went to places we've been wanting to visit but never got around to, and I also got to visit friends I've not seen in a while due to continental difference. While it has been mostly fun being a fulltime 'housewife', doing not very much or whatever I want and basically just be, the time has finally come to get back to the hamster race and back to reality. With this renewed will to start writing again, hopefully I'll find time to finish my throwback posts and get on with my recent travels before #inbetweenjobs comes to an end. Hopefully... :) 

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